Author Traci, 46

belly story

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Crust infested

No one talks about the crust infestation that comes out of unclean belly buttons because it’s too disgusting to even imagine. We are such clean beings, especially now – Lysol wipes are on the black market
(pun intended)

Boobs bobbing

My breasts aren’t quite sagging but that could be because they were never big to begin with…that’s not a reason for you to start staring at the middle of my chest and wonder if that statement is true or not

Navel nonsense

I never really understood what a belly button was until I took biology….and figured out that the umbilical cord was cut from that very spot

Perky perfection

It pisses me off when people talk about T&A or B&B ….and how perky both should be when the moment may be like B&B?
Yah - breasts and butt.

Belly Button Breasts and Butt

Belly buttons and breasts are connected to each other. Not so much the butt…But belly buttons and breasts, yes. It’s like they run an invisible line to each other, related by letters and geographical regions.

But here’s what I don’t understand…there’s this indiscriminate titillation that people connect to certain body parts…they’ll put it in a love poem, sex poem, love poem (u know) and think they can get some booty after the poetry set is done (i.e. Love Jones)

Belly buttons, breasts, booty, and anything else that starts with the letter ‘b’ – oh yah, BODY, seem to remove the very connection we have to the thing we claim as our spirituality, our spirit…our after-life-being….our breath after life

We are so in our bodies….constantly canvassing ourselves for and to the world, that we dun forgot how to live from within. We are soooo bodily, soooo brash, sooo brutal, so baren in the way we talk to each other….that we only see b&b….or b&b&b…or

get it?

But image my body as something more….Imagine my body is not my body….Imagine you not asking anyone, “Is she/he/they cute? What she look like?”

Imagine not my body
Imagine just me
for once.



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