Author Monika, age 44

vagina story

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 A Tale of Two Pussies
When we heard that our crazy beautiful Tia Violeta said the women in our family are “two pussied”, our grip tightened in between Monika’s legs, hips and lower pelvis.
It was as if our secret had come out and we needed to make sure we were protected.
We were happy, Monika that you finally heard it from someone else. You are a manifister, a bruja, a spell master and a visionary and we are the vessels for that manifestation. Our sacred power has frightened you in the past.
We cannot be silenced.
We have had to be reckless in order for you to see us and accept us.
We have heard you say Monika, that Black womyn can’t be reckless. That there’s so much more at stake; not just you.
But if you are not showing up fully, how can you unleash upon the world, your true gifts of self?
In denying yourself of us- the dam you put up was accumulating stagnation. You tried to keep the water from coming down.
At the time you did not understand-
This water mama, is divine force; it never runs dry. It drowns fear.
Even after an ancestry of rape, violence and misogyny.
The potency of Water is unleashed in moments of human connection -.
 One look, one word, one ”nice to meet you embrace” from Brother Gray Eyes and the water kept gushing.
And when I went searching for where it was coming from, fingers and tongues knocking down the dam, I discovered the brown, purplish sagging skin, protecting the raw and red lips, revealing the layers of delicate petals of Aburatorigami sheets
I had forgotten were there,
The innocence, the flicker of touch that brought me to my knees contorting my face , unraveling my need for control and protection
 It blossomed open to the sweet and juicy watermelon center that continued to
 Pulsate and
 my“ I ‘m coming” translating to
“I am here , connected, One with all of me”.
Mmm- it felt so good.
I no longer cared how wet the water made me, how the
my legs gathered in pools around my feet
 reflecting back to me the goddess that I am.
The heat
The steam from the warmth
I was in a fog
Of loving
And healing
I couldn’t stop it
I couldn’t fight it.
As the fog dissipated,
The Totos , mujer, we were smilin’.
I reached in soon after to slowly trace those bright smiles .
You were taut and tight, pinking up
new blood circulating.
Waves of electricity,
of Chi
 running up and down my limbs, spine, breasts and belly.
Squeezing my fingers tightly, the two pussies embracing them up in to their center.
I traced the moon, the earth and the heavens,
sacred joy,
divine pleasure,
my power
My Power
Flowing with life
Grounding me down
Cloaking me in liberation



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