Author Tia, 46

eye story

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I am loved. I am loved everywhere by everybody. In this very moment I am so damn popular that everybody desires to imitate me. They want my softness, my thickness, my round nature that gives you curves and fills out your jeans. Girl, go ahead and jump up with them jeans on. Yeah, that's perfect.

Oh, don't get me started on how I can move now. You know we got this – twerking, wining, bouncing, jiggling. We got moves. Girl when that bass drop, and we hear the drum, we just gooo and let go! Oh yeah. The music calls my name and tells me what it wants.
Get low, get low, get low, get low, get low.
Shake it fast. Watch yourself. Shake it fast. Show me what you're working with.
Just bounce with a bounce with it, yahyahyahyahyah
Bounce with a bounce with it.
But you know, it’s up to me when I choose to respond.
I am big.
I am baaad.
Girl you know I have so many names.
Booty, budunkadunk, backside, rear end, rump, bamsie, buttocks, gluteus maximus, gluteus minimus. But I named myself.   
I named myself ASS.
Just ASS when I'm pissed. I extend to you an invitation to kiss me. Now this is not meant to be pleasurable. That's for special occasions. My invitation is often accentuated with the slightest neck roll and a finger wave, “Hey, thank you.” And it ain't nothing nice. You know I tighten up when I'm upset. I pulse and fill up with gas and belches out this foul odor. This is also my weapon. My silent killer. It stops you and makes you pause.
 I am a bad ass.
You look at me. But don't stare. When I dance is for my pleasure. And my joy alone. I am loved. Remember, people try to imitate me to be me to pay for me. Yet I am not for sale.
Oh and uuugh, one more thing. I hate thongs. They are not made for me. And they offer me little protection. They are cute though, especially those lacey ones. You know the black lacey ones. But girl, Stop It. Full floral pants will do. They are the most comfortable. They are what I need. Oh, and some fly ass jeans.
Girrrrl, I am a bad ass!



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