Author Teresa, 65

ear story

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Oh My Gosh! What the H.E. Double Hockey Sticks am I doin' listening to this madness? As if I want to hear about why you with your ignorant self don’t wear a mask in the middle of a pandemic. Sometimes I just wish for the days of earwax and headphones.
And don’t let me get started on tell me whyyyy, why is it that I constantly hear I am sooo stressed. Blah Blah Blah. I say, “Get Over It.”
Real stress, to be real, is having someone taking a staple gun and staple you only to put holes in you and you can’t yell “STOP, WTF!” You need to stop. I had to take the excruciating pain of the daily friction, twisting and eventual snapping of a ligament. Climbing stairs on a train, walking across train tracks. I said, “Forget this.” Swoll up like a tennis ball, went to an orthopedic surgeon, had therapy and retired after 30 years.
Now you know what I do? I assist from lifting up from an oversized recliner to get a prim copper infused ice pack and kick back. Guess what I say now, “No pain, No Gain.”
The only downside is when I go to a social event that requires a bit of quiet discretion. After I am in a sitting position a period of time, I assist in standing. I make a popping sound like a firecracker POP. Aaaagh. The perks of my life. Like you said my friend with the host, I guess I have to Get Over It!



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