Author Empress, 21

eye story

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She doesn’t hope for many things
All she wants to see if she possesses the term beauty when she looks in the mirror.
Here eyes see pain, disgust, regret, resentment and shame from relationships,
Sexual encounters, social norms, and countless trauma endured.
Her eyes know the stories of the soul that put her to shame.
If her body could speak, it would start a monument speech through her eyes.
The deepest connection with a soul that only withheld the true essence of who she is.
Her eyes are the windows of her soul, but yet you can see her heart is the door
It’s locked with certain keys
Keys of fear
Key of shame
Keys of pain
Keys of being taught of being unworthy
Conditional Love unlocked one by one, but insecurities lock them all back
She sees the lynching of black strength in tears
She starts to ask why she is treated this way
She doesn’t know she is the Eve’s gene
Her eyes are blinded by deceitful fires
And she can’t save herself from these traumatic flames
So they leave burns from self-hate
Eyes of black women
Beauty not seen
Blinded by the flames of white supremacy



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