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feet story

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Having had for many years my feet with corns and so forth I’ve always considered taking care of them on an, aesthetic level. Having them manicured and painted and just taking care of them; soaked and always having my pedicured treatment at least once a month.

Because that was the level in which I thought of my feet – taking care of them, wearing beautiful shoes and so forth. But interesting now, thinking of them in another way, it makes me really think that how much my feet have traveled, really traveled extensively near and far.

I was born in Jamaica, grew up in Jamaica until middle school and moved to the states. And in the states I lived in a few cities such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. And my very big move, which is now more than half of my life has been in Europe. To be specific in Italy.

And as you should know that I’ve traveled to various countries in Europe and also to other parts of the world such as Brazil and Africa, but my one true and most important stop and a part of my life which I love the most is traveling my feet around Italy, traveling my feet in my home which is now Italy.

And it’s so important to know that as much as I walk and I run and I drive, it really does come down to my feet. My feet have just moved all along and it’s given me strength, positive energy. And to know that these feet are still moving, will always continue to move, it’s good to know that we have this possibility of moving energetically.

And my feet to me have become the soul of my life. Because without them, quite frankly it would be hard to know where I would be. So MOVE ON feet. Continue moving! 



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