Tia and Traci

Drs. Tia Smith Rullow (left) and Traci Currie (right)

Our Vision

We have known each other for 20 years. We met in graduate school at Ohio University. It was always destined for us to not only become friends and work together, but to also create artistic opportunities for and with other voices. If My Body Could Talk was created from this synergistic place and space - a platform for women/womyn/womxn folk to tell their bodily stories.

The goal of this project is to engage the audience through using their senses and giving them an opportunity to step into our bodies as women of color, by clicking on the digital woman image and listening to the writer narrate the story of the body part. The key to this project is to engage with a variety of voices and experiences. The stories may be in first person, 3rd person, interview, song and so forth. This project reflects our lived experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and our fight for justice and equity. Given all that is going on with the Black Body, specifically Black Women's Bodies, we want this project to create space, place and voice for our whole being.

We are launching this project with 14 voices. However, we believe this project will grow, and more voices will be added to the narratives over time.

The visual artist who created the image on the Home page is Kara Hinson. To learn more about her work please click on her website: www.karahinson.com/

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